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I am a graphic designer from Houston, Texas. Now I'm living in a quaint little English town known as Great Torrington located in North Devon. It was a monumental change from living in the fourth largest city in the United States. I have 9 years of experience as a professional designer for a few companies with nearly 20 years’ experience as a freelance designer and fine artist doing various artsy and "designey" things. I do what most designers do: brand identity, print design, and some light web design.

What's with the name?
Quite frankly, I love horses –– have done since I was very young. My life-long dream was to have a horse, but unfortunately, life always got in the way of that dream. To make up for that absence, I collect model horses. If you're unfamiliar with this genre of a hobby, let me tell you there is a lot going on. It's almost like the real thing –– only in 1:9 scale and a heck of a lot cheaper... ish. Anyway, let's move on to the name, Yellowbox Design. I chose this name for my studio simply because one of the brands of model horses I've collected since I was five years old comes in a yellow box. These cardboard containers are iconic in the hobby. Everyone remembers as a kid making a bee-line straight for the glowing yellow aisle shining like a beacon of horsey goodness in their local toy store. Even now when shopping for my toddler, I always keep a weathered eye out for that tell-tale yellow box. I wanted to inspire my model horse clients to never forget that feeling of excitement and promise of the yellow box. That's it, nothing truly existential or cryptic.

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